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Student Life

The Division of Student Life at Duquesne University is committed to giving our students the best possible experience in and out of the classroom. Our dedicated Student Life staff unites our diverse student body through programming, services and countless opportunities to engage with peers on and off the Bluff. The eleven units that make up Student Life create a student-centered environment that help students reach personal goals, build relationships, stay healthy and succeed.

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We would like to call attention to other Student Life initiatives that are in need of your support:

Brother Gerald Keating Food Pantry Initiative

  • In the spirit of Brother Gerald Keating’s life’s work as a Spiritan, the Keating Initiative provides umbrella services for undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate food insecurity. The vision of the Keating Initiative is straightforward—it provides food, food vouchers and resources to enable students to complete degrees. Research has shown that food insecurity prevents academic success because students cannot adequately perform academic obligations if they are hungry. Donations will help to stock our food pantry.

Career Closet

  • The Duquesne University Career Closet provides students with appropriate interview attire as they transition into the professional world. The Career Closet gives Duquesne University students FREE access to one professional outfit or accessory that they can wear to job interviews, career fairs and internships. Donations to this fund help our students land that dream job and enter the workforce as a proud Duquesne University alum.

Center for Student Wellbeing

  • As a Center within the Division of Student Life, working in conjunction with the Division of Mission and Identity, the Center for Student Wellbeing, which includes Counseling Services, Health Services, and Recreation Services, promotes an understanding of health that is holistic in nature: mind, body, and spirit.  The Center helps students respond to the stress associated with being a 21st century college student so that they can lead meaningful lives.  This includes helping students address and work through psychological suffering in all of its forms, experience the therapeutic benefits of exercise, and receive treatment for biomedical health concerns through our family medicine model.  An important part of the Center’s Vision is in acknowledging the impact that the pandemic has had upon our students.  As a result, the Center developed a biopsychosocial-spiritual model that addresses our students’ needs, which has led to a re-imagined understanding of “student success,” and how the promotion of wellbeing is vital to retention, academic and career success, and most importantly, life-satisfaction.  

Center for Excellence in Diversity and Student Inclusion 

  • Gifts to the Center for Excellence in Diversity and Student Inclusion serve students who are in need of financial assistance to matriculate and eventually graduate from Duquesne University. Qualified students have maxed out all other options of available financial aid and are in good financial standing.

 Duquesne Program Council (Student Organizations)

  • Duquesne University has 250 recognized student organizations, which are an excellent way for students to connect with their peers, create new experiences and discover lasting friendships. Donations to this fund would provide student organizations with the opportunity to attend conferences, competitions and enhance programming.

Greek Life

  • Greek Life at Duquesne University encourages lifetime membership, academic excellence, leadership, community service and strong friendships. Make a general donation to Greek Life or select the sorority or fraternity you would like to directly support.

Recreation/Power Center

  • Our Power Center Recreation Center fitness facility features a full array of intramural leagues and sports, over 60 group fitness classes weekly, a full cardio fleet, multiple weightlifting options, an indoor track, club sports and more. Donations to this fund help us to provide our students with a first-class fitness and recreation experience.  

Student Organizations

  • If you want to donate to a specific student organization - on the donation form, under "Department or Program" select "Other"; then under "Fund Designation" select "Other"; and type-in the name of the student organization you want to support.

Please Donate to the Division of Student Life on 2.8.23

We hope you will donate to the area of Student Life that means the most to you. If you were planning to support a different area of campus, please consider making even a $10 donation to support our efforts. Simply select "Add another gift to your donation" on the donation form. This will allow you to make multiple gifts within the same transaction.

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Parents Matching Gift
John (B'88) & Pam (B'91) Barsotti will match any donations made by current or past parents of a Duquesne University student dollar-for-dollar, up to $2,500.
$2,500 MATCHED
Most Dollars Raised Leaderboard
Which specific area of campus will raise the most dollars to support their bigger goals?
Rank Fund Designation Raised
1 Women's Swimming & Diving $36,593.34
2 School of Business Innovation Fund $26,876.96
3 Football $22,116.56
4 Men's Basketball $21,480.43
5 Men's Soccer $20,825.14
Amount Raised Leaderboard by Area of Campus
Which area of campus will earn the most total dollars in donations on the Day of Giving? Make a gift to help get your favorite area of campus to the top of the leaderboard!
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $183,474.36
2 School of Law $38,676.68
3 School of Business $37,295.43
4 School of Nursing $19,284.02
5 Liberal Arts $15,628.12
Most Gifts by Class
Which Duquesne University class will make the most gifts on the Day of Giving? Make a gift now and tell your classmates to get your class to the top of the leaderboard!
Duquesne University Graduation Year
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2005 23
2 2009 22
3 2008 22
4 2016 22
5 2012 20
6 2007 19
7 2004 17
8 2019 17
9 2006 16
10 1973 16
11 1974 16
12 2021 15
13 1983 15
14 1997 15
15 1990 15
Duquesne Day of Giving Participation Challenge
Thanks to the generosity of John B’70 and Carolyn George, if 500 gifts are made to any area of campus on the Day of Giving it will unlock a $5,000 gift; an additional $10,000 will be unlocked if 1,000 gifts are made; and an additional $10,000 will be unlocked if 1,500 gifts are made.
1,500 / 1,500 Gifts
Most Gifts Leaderboard
Which specific area of campus will receive the most gifts to support their bigger goals?
Rank Fund Designation Gifts
1 Women's Swimming & Diving 106
2 School of Business Innovation Fund 106
3 School of Pharmacy (Greatest Needs) 78
4 Rowing 74
5 Liberal Arts (Greatest Needs) 68
Number of Gifts Leaderboard by Area of Campus
Which area of campus will receive the most donations on the Day of Giving? Make a gift to help get your favorite area of campus to the top of the leaderboard!
Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 661
2 School of Nursing 135
3 School of Business 121
4 Liberal Arts 113
5 School of Pharmacy 109
Who is Giving?
Which Duquesne University community group is making the largest impact on the Day of Giving?
Please Check All of Your Duquesne Affiliations
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Alumni 858
2 Current/Past DU Parent 356
3 Current Employee 331
4 Friend 213
5 Current Student 84
Student Life Donor Heatmap
Rank State Gifts
1 PA 18
2 OH 2
2 VA 2
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