$ 294,333 raised 1,608 gifts
The Duquesne Fund (Greatest Needs) has raised $ 13,565 from 157 gifts!
The Duquesne Fund (Greatest Needs)

When you make a gift to The Duquesne Fund, you make an immediate impact on our students' experience on the Bluff.


The Duquesne Fund provides operating support for the top priorities and most pressing needs of the University, its schools and vital department through its support for:


  • Academics: Teaching, research, educational technology, and library resources.
  • Access: Scholarships and financial aid that make attending Duquesne more affordable for all.
  • Activities: A vibrant student life that augments classroom learning and promotes individual growth, including hundreds of organizations, special events, recreation and athletics.
  • Atmosphere: Safe and well-maintained facilities for learning and living, offering students the unique benefits of a self-contained campus within a lively city center.


Gifts of every size make a big difference


Not only does each gift support our mission to serve God by serving students, but it also enhances Duquesne's reputation locally and globally:


  • Alumni donor participation is a factor that publications use in calculating national rankings. Every gift helps to maintain and improve Duquesne's placement among the top national doctoral institutions.
  • Financial rating agencies consider alumni participation in their evaluations, affecting the interest paid when Duquesne borrows for major projects.
  • High participation rates build confidence among corporations, foundations and major individual donors in deciding where to invest their resources.


Don't forget to also spread the word!


An additional way to make a major impact on the Duquesne Day of Giving is to help us spread the word via social media, e-mail, text, and word of mouth! Share this address www.duq.edu/dayofgiving with the hashtag #DUQDayofGiving and encourage your family and friends to make a donation. Go Dukes!

The Duquesne Fund Donor Heatmap
Rank State Donors
1 PA 106
2 MD 9
3 VA 7
Current Parents Participation Challenge
If 100 current parents of a Duquesne student make a gift of any amount, to any designation on the Day of Giving, an anonymous Parents’ Leadership Council family will make a $2,000 gift to the University. If 200 current parents make a gift, they will increase their gift to Duquesne to $4,000!
200 / 200 Gifts
Current Students Participation Challenge
John "Jack" B'76 and his wife Gigi Ouellette will donate $1,000 to The Duquesne Fund (Areas of Greatest Need) if 50 current students make a donation to any area of campus.
50 / 50 Gifts
Young Alumni Participation Challenge (Classes of 2015-2017)
Jeremy, B ’99, MBA ’00, JD ’00 and Colleen Hartzell E’98 and Family will make a $1,000 donation if 75 individuals who graduated within the last 3 years (Classes of 2015, 2016 and 2017) make a gift on the Day of Giving.
75 / 75 Gifts
Number of Gifts Leaderboard
Which area of campus will receive the most gifts during the Duquesne Day of Giving? Make a gift to your favorite area of campus to help make them #1 on the Leaderboard!
Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 312
2 Liberal Arts 182
3 School of Business 167
4 The Duquesne Fund (Greatest Needs) 157
5 School of Nursing 134
6 Other 127
7 School of Education 111
8 School of Law 106
9 School of Pharmacy 97
10 Spiritan Campus Ministry 65
11 Ice Hockey 53
12 School of Music 52
13 Natural & Environmental Sciences 43
14 Health Sciences 42
15 Study Abroad 30
16 Gumberg Library 28
17 Biomedical Engineering 9
Amount Raised Leaderboard
Which area of campus will receive the largest amount of dollars during the Duquesne Day of Giving? Make a gift to your favorite area of campus to help make them #1 on the Leaderboard!
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $58,843.18
2 School of Business $22,747.47
3 Liberal Arts $19,980.18
4 School of Education $16,920.44
5 School of Law $15,955.18
6 Other $14,259.29
7 The Duquesne Fund (Greatest Needs) $11,565.54
8 School of Pharmacy $10,920.20
9 School of Nursing $10,135.58
10 School of Music $4,415.00
11 Spiritan Campus Ministry $3,575.00
12 Ice Hockey $3,510.00
13 Natural & Environmental Sciences $3,260.00
14 Health Sciences $2,970.00
15 Study Abroad $1,886.00
16 Gumberg Library $1,425.00
17 Biomedical Engineering $465.00
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