$ 332,528 raised 1,740 gifts
School of Pharmacy has raised $ 14,370 from 84 gifts!
School of Pharmacy


The School of Pharmacy educates and mentors students to advance the profession of pharmacy and pharmaceutical research to improve the health outcomes of patients and the community.


Your gifts on the Duquesne Day of Giving allow the School of Pharmacy to fulfill a commitment made to students–past, present and future–in becoming leaders in the pharmacy profession and servants to the community.


Consistently recognized for community engagement and providing free or low-cost health screening and wellness programs to medically underserved populations, recent accolades achieved by students, faculty and alumni include a national ASHP-SSHP Outstanding Development Project award, PPA Pharmacist of the Year award, AACP Master Preceptor award, AACP Emerging Teaching Scholar award, APhA Immunization Champion award, and AACP New Investigator award.


The impact of your gift


Your gift ensures current and future student pharmacists continue to receive a quality pharmacy education and ample opportunity to impact the Duquesne community, Pittsburgh and beyond.


Please donate now to support the School of Pharmacy


The School of Pharmacy truly appreciates any and all gifts. Be sure to delegate your gift for a specific purpose, a specific student organization, or the School of Pharmacy general fund.


  • Greatest Need: As always, the School of Pharmacy aims to offer a quality pharmacy education at a great value. Gifts towards student scholarships directly impact current and future students and encourage giving back in the future. Keep the cycle going!


Spread the word!


Share your reasons for donating to the School of Pharmacy on social media, through email or even word of mouth! Use #DuqDayOfGiving and #DuqPharm and the donation page www.duq.edu/dayofgiving to encourage your family and friends to join the Duquesne University Day of Giving and keep track of the progress throughout the day.

School of Pharmacy Donor Heatmap
Rank State Donors
1 PA 48
2 OH 12
3 FL 6
Current Parents Participation Challenge
If 300 current parents of a Duquesne University student make a gift of any amount, to any area of the University, an anonymous Parents' Leadership Council family will make a $5,000 gift.
300 / 300 Gifts
School of Pharmacy Matching Gift
Craig G. Cochenour, P'81, L'88 ($1,000) and Barbara Putignano, P'86 ($1,000) will match School of Pharmacy donations dollar-for-dollar up to a combined total of $2,000.
$2,000 MATCHED
Number of Gifts Leaderboard
Which area of campus will receive the most gifts during the Duquesne Day of Giving? Make a gift to your favorite area of campus to help make them #1 on the Leaderboard!
Rank Area of Campus Gifts
1 Athletics 347
2 Liberal Arts 207
3 Greatest Needs (The Duquesne Fund) 170
4 School of Nursing 131
5 School of Law 111
6 School of Business 109
7 Ice Hockey 106
8 Other 102
9 School of Education 102
10 School of Pharmacy 84
11 School of Music 63
12 Fr. Sean Hogan Scholarships 61
13 Greek Life 58
14 Health Sciences 51
15 Gumberg Library 38
16 Natural & Environmental Sciences 36
17 Study Abroad 34
18 Spiritan Campus Ministry 24
19 Biomedical Engineering 21
Amount Raised Leaderboard
Which area of campus will receive the largest amount of dollars during the Duquesne Day of Giving? Make a gift to your favorite area of campus to help make them #1 on the Leaderboard!
Rank Area of Campus Raised
1 Athletics $72,340.19
2 Other $28,025.19
3 School of Business $24,732.10
4 Liberal Arts $22,885.59
5 Greatest Needs (The Duquesne Fund) $15,440.55
6 School of Law $12,850.00
7 School of Pharmacy $12,370.04
8 School of Nursing $10,010.17
9 School of Music $6,102.00
10 Ice Hockey $5,185.08
11 School of Education $4,915.42
12 Health Sciences $4,430.00
13 Fr. Sean Hogan Scholarships $4,310.04
14 Natural & Environmental Sciences $2,790.00
15 Gumberg Library $2,550.00
16 Greek Life $2,443.24
17 Study Abroad $1,310.00
18 Spiritan Campus Ministry $1,195.04
19 Biomedical Engineering $1,175.00
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