Greatest Needs (The Duquesne Fund)


When you make a gift to The Duquesne Fund, your gift helps Duquesne Faculty and Staff look at what our students need right now, and make it happen.


The Duquesne Fund makes sure that money is available right away when a specific need arises on campus. In the past, gifts to The Duquesne Fund have been used to:


  • Add more outlets and power sources to tables and carrels in the Library, allowing students to study and work uninterrupted.


  • Tune and maintain Steinway pianos in the School of Music. Duquesne was selected for the prestigious honor of “All Steinway School” in 2000 (one of only 19 school at the time).


  • Finance stipends for graduates students in the College of Liberal Arts, so they are able to focus on finishing their dissertations to earn their PhD.


  • Purchase new furniture for the student lounge in the School of Law, helping to make a popular study area more comfortable and accommodating for students, many of whom are studying in the part-time evening program.


  • Purchase specialized equipment for Nursing students to practice in the simulation lab. The simulation lab provides hands-on experience in a life like setting, so student nurses are comfortable jumping into action when they begin their clinical placements.  


  • Building a sound proof room where students can record videos for multi-media projects, which are increasingly common. The room is located in the Library and easily accessible to students in every school.


Gifts of every size make a big difference, because when gifts are available for the greatest need, many can be combined to make a big impact, or fund a project that DU otherwise couldn’t afford.


Every gift to the Duquesne fund helps support DU’s mission. It also creates a domino effect:


  • When Duquesne is considered in national rankings, donations are a factor in how high we place, because they show that alumni -- those who know Duquesne best -- believe in the quality of education here.


  • When Duquesne needs to borrow money for major projects like building structural renovations, we can get a better interest rate because creditors know that alumni and friends trust us to spend money wisely.


  • When corporate sponsors and foundations see many people coming together to give to Duquesne, they feel more confident in deciding to invest here as well.


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An additional way to make a major impact on the Duquesne Day of Giving is to help us spread the word via social media, e-mail, text, and word of mouth! Share this address with the hashtag #DUQDayofGiving and encourage your family and friends to make a donation. Go Dukes!

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University’s Greatest Needs (The Duquesne Fund) Participation Challenge
An anonymous group of Advancement staff members, inspired by seeing the impact made by unrestricted gifts every day, have agreed to donate $2,000 if 250 people make a gift that will be used for the University’s greatest needs (The Duquesne Fund).
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Current Parents Participation Challenge
If 300 current parents of a Duquesne University student make a gift of any amount, to any area of the University, an anonymous Parents' Leadership Council family will make a $5,000 gift.
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