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Northeast Florida Alumni Chapter

Duquesne University Northeast Florida Alumni Chapter

Investing in Emerging Leaders of Florida’s At-Risk Communities

A Community-Engagement Initiative of Duquesne University & the NE Florida Alumni Chapter

Investing in Emerging Leaders

Duquesne University’s original mission back in 1878 was to educate the children of poor immigrants. From its humble beginning this university has grown into an educational and economic powerhouse!

Last year, in keeping with this original mission, the NE Florida Chapter of the Duquesne University Alumni Association, with strong support from the University’s leadership, created the Investing in Emerging Leaders At-Risk Community Engagement Project.

Investing in Emerging Leaders will create life-changing opportunities for at least 8 high school students from Florida’s at-risk communities to be educated – at no cost – each year on The Bluff!

These young people will be selected in collaboration with Boys & Girls Clubs and alumni throughout Florida, with support from local diocese and other NGOs. Each student will be directly supported by Duquesne’s Spiritan Division, its Civic Engagement programs, and its Student Life programs. This directly supports Duquesne’s mission and priorities.

Their education will be funded by a university-organized, no-loan financial package and a complementary scholarship awarded from the Investing in Emerging Leaders Endowed Empowerment Scholarship Fund. 

This Fund was created in 2022 with an initial commitment of $150,000 from members of the NE Florida Alumni Chapter Organizing Committee. To fund our target of 8 students on campus each year, this Fund needs to grow significantly!

The Investing in Emerging Leaders project reflects Duquesne’s strong commitment to civic engagement; extending its financial investment into key Florida at-risk communities. This is important to the University because of the growing alumni population of the state as well as the growing admissions from Florida.

ALL members of the University community are invited and encouraged to help us grow this endowed scholarship so that we can make the Duquesne University experience happen for at least 8 deserving students each year!

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Parents Challenge
John (B'88) & Pam (B'91) Barsotti will match any donations made by current or past parents of a Duquesne University student dollar-for-dollar, up to $2,500
$2,500 MATCHED
Duquesne Day of Giving Participation Challenge
Thanks to the generosity of John B’70 and Carolyn George, if 500 gifts are made to any area of campus on the Day of Giving it will unlock a $10,000 gift; an additional $10,000 will be unlocked if 1,000 gifts are made; and an additional $10,000 will be unlocked if 1,500 gifts are made
1,500 / 1,500 Gifts
Amount Raised Leaderboard by Area of Campus
Which area of campus will earn the most total dollars in donations on the Day of Giving? Make a gift to help get your favorite area of campus to the top of the leaderboard!
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $242,139.21
2 School of Law $79,030.98
3 School of Business $78,988.03
4 School of Nursing $16,441.94
5 School of Music $14,091.63
Most Gifts by Class
Which Duquesne University class will make the most gifts on the Day of Giving? Make a gift now and tell your classmates to get your class to the top of the leaderboard!
Duquesne University Graduation Year
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2006 23
2 2016 20
3 2007 19
4 2017 18
5 2019 18
6 2002 18
7 2012 18
8 2001 16
9 2009 16
10 2023 16
11 2004 15
12 2005 15
13 2022 15
14 1993 14
15 1996 13
Young Alumni Challenge
Former Dukes from the Last Decade award winners, Carly C. Barnes, M'17, S'17, GM'18; Allison Broaddrick, M'16; Dr. Britnee L. Harvey, GE'16; Emily Kinley, N'16; Michelle Mikus, P'13; and Chelsea Zahn, B'14 will match donations from Young Alumni, up to $1,700.
$1,700 MATCHED
Most Gifts Leaderboard
Which specific area of campus will receive the most gifts to support their bigger goals?
Rank Fund Designation Gifts
1 School of Business Innovation Fund 110
2 Women's Swimming & Diving 104
3 Rowing 94
4 Duquesne School of Law Vision Fund 74
5 Football 69
Number of Gifts Leaderboard by Area of Campus
Which area of campus will receive the most donations on the Day of Giving? Make a gift to help get your favorite area of campus to the top of the leaderboard!
Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 706
2 School of Business 111
3 School of Nursing 106
4 School of Law 83
5 Liberal Arts 82
Who is Giving?
Which Duquesne University community group is making the largest impact on the Day of Giving?
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Rank Answer Gifts
1 Alumni 731
2 Current Employee 349
3 Current/Past DU Parent 335
4 Friend 267
5 Current Student 65
Rank State Gifts
1 FL 1
1 PA 1
2 AA 0
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