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Honors College

Duquesne University Honors College is a supercharged community of undergraduate students from EVERY school in the university.  Together we explore ideas in small seminars (18 students) and tiny tutorials (7 students!).

Our faculty prepare students to become leaders in industry, nonprofit organizations, and research.   From the Honors College they springboard to top employers or to the very best graduate, medical, and law programs in the world – Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Georgetown, Stanford, MIT, and many more.

They can move into these bright futures with confidence and compassion because of the strong community and sense of curiosity our co-curricular programs provide.  Here are just a few of the Honors College traditions that have grown over the last 40 years:

  • Extra Perk: breakfast parties in the lobby with changemakers on our campus
  • Cultural Dinners: catered delicacies and intercultural learning, hosted by students and faculty
  • Puzzle and Game Nights: at the request of our students, screen-free fun in all forms
  • Harry Potter Week: contests, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and the legendary carnival with loaded prize tables
  • The City is our Classroom: faculty-led excursions and research missions throughout Pittsburgh
  • August Wilson House: literature, history, and social justice with our community partner

Consider a donation of $40 to celebrate 40 years of the Honors College – and cheers to 40 and many more!  With your help we can continue to ignite students’ passion for learning and success in new ways.

In addition to all our ongoing efforts, your gift will also impact:

  • The Office of Student Fellowships under the leadership of our new Associate Director, Kevin Henderson
  • Internships abroad and experiential group travel abroad and closer to home
  • Stipends for student conference travel where honors students share their research
  • Collaborations with faculty – everything from a faculty-student honors society to ongoing trivia luncheons with faculty and staff
  • The new Honors Undergraduate Thesis track and an undergraduate journal, Humanities and the Professions
  • Enhanced new facilities for Honors College housing and activities
  • And so much more.

Thank you for your support of Duquesne University Honors College!

Parents Challenge
John (B'88) & Pam (B'91) Barsotti will match any donations made by current or past parents of a Duquesne University student dollar-for-dollar, up to $2,500
$2,500 MATCHED
Duquesne Day of Giving Participation Challenge
Thanks to the generosity of John B’70 and Carolyn George, if 500 gifts are made to any area of campus on the Day of Giving it will unlock a $10,000 gift; an additional $10,000 will be unlocked if 1,000 gifts are made; and an additional $10,000 will be unlocked if 1,500 gifts are made
1,500 / 1,500 Gifts
Number of Gifts Leaderboard by Area of Campus
Which area of campus will receive the most donations on the Day of Giving? Make a gift to help get your favorite area of campus to the top of the leaderboard!
Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 706
2 School of Business 111
3 School of Nursing 106
4 School of Law 83
5 Liberal Arts 82
Who is Giving?
Which Duquesne University community group is making the largest impact on the Day of Giving?
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Rank Answer Gifts
1 Alumni 731
2 Current Employee 349
3 Current/Past DU Parent 335
4 Friend 267
5 Current Student 65
Young Alumni Challenge
Former Dukes from the Last Decade award winners, Carly C. Barnes, M'17, S'17, GM'18; Allison Broaddrick, M'16; Dr. Britnee L. Harvey, GE'16; Emily Kinley, N'16; Michelle Mikus, P'13; and Chelsea Zahn, B'14 will match donations from Young Alumni, up to $1,700.
$1,700 MATCHED
Amount Raised Leaderboard by Area of Campus
Which area of campus will earn the most total dollars in donations on the Day of Giving? Make a gift to help get your favorite area of campus to the top of the leaderboard!
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $242,139.21
2 School of Law $79,030.98
3 School of Business $78,988.03
4 School of Nursing $16,441.94
5 School of Music $14,091.63
Most Gifts by Class
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Duquesne University Graduation Year
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2006 23
2 2016 20
3 2007 19
4 2017 18
5 2019 18
6 2002 18
7 2012 18
8 2001 16
9 2009 16
10 2023 16
11 2004 15
12 2005 15
13 2022 15
14 1993 14
15 1996 13
Honors College Donor Heatmap
Rank State Gifts
1 PA 19
2 OH 5
3 NJ 2
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