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Spiritan Campus Ministry

Spiritan Campus Ministry is fortunate that the University supplies our weekly needs to provide Spiritan Campus Ministry events each night. However, we have a large project that cannot be completed without your assistance. Your donations help us to perform yearly renovations and once-a-year programs that enrich our students. 

With your generous support, we were able to upgrade the sound system in the chapel. This has helped us tremendously to enhance the liturgical experience. Thank you for your generosity! Please help us with the next step of our multimedia sound system evolution as we aspire to use the chapel as a place for worship nights, concerts, and recitals!

Your donations could help to fund:

Renovation of the Sound System: 

Your generosity last year helped us to address our immediate need for basic sound system requirements after our old system failed. Microphones, sound boards, mixers, receivers and amplifiers were purchased to be integrated into our future multimedia sound system! 

We are looking to invest in a state-of-the-art multi-media system to combine text, graphics, audio, video, and other technologies to promote quality programming from the Chapel. Our vision includes creating and broadcasting multi-media liturgical celebrations, hosting concerts in conjunction with the School of Music, and utilizing new and imaginative programs yet to be developed.

Investing in our multimedia sound system will help us to provide new and exciting experiences for our entire Duquesne community.

Spiritan Mission Experiences:

Each year, Spiritan Campus Ministry offers mission trips to the following locations: Mullens, WV; Houston, TX; Arlington/Baltimore; Detroit/Dayton and the Dominican Republic. These trips provide a hands-on learning experience for students where the education goes beyond the classroom. They learn the importance of meeting people where they are and working with other communities to create a better world. Your donations offer this opportunity for all students, regardless of their financial situations.

March for Life:

Each year, your generous donations provide the campus community with a bus to attend the March for Life in Washington D.C. The purchase of the bus allows our community to peacefully stand up for the right to life for all people, born and unborn. This year, despite the pandemic, we were able to attend the March for Life in person in Washington, D.C. once again!

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Spiritan Campus Ministry Donor Heatmap
Rank State Gifts
1 PA 18
2 DE 3
3 VA 2
Current/Past DU Parent Participation Challenge
If 350 current or past parents of a Duquesne University student make a gift of any amount, to any area of the University, the Priemer family will make a $2,500 gift.
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Duquesne Day of Giving Participation Challenge
Thanks to the generosity of John B’70 and Carolyn George, if 500 gifts are made to any area of campus on the Day of Giving it will unlock a $5,000 gift; an additional $10,000 will be unlocked if 1,000 gifts are made; and an additional $10,000 will be unlocked if 1,500 gifts are made.
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1 Alumni 1,048
2 Current/Past DU Parent 448
3 Current Employee 381
4 Friend 266
5 Current Student 92
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Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $147,500.00
2 School of Business $65,727.49
3 School of Law $47,371.59
4 College of Osteopathic Medicine $25,633.34
5 School of Pharmacy $15,041.39
Number of Gifts Leaderboard by Area of Campus
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Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 655
2 Liberal Arts 145
3 School of Law 141
4 School of Business 137
5 School of Nursing 120
Most Dollars Raised Leaderboard
Which specific area of campus will raise the most dollars to support their bigger goals?
Rank Fund Designation Raised
1 Bhaskar Student Excellence Fund $40,177.83
2 Women's Swimming & Diving $29,723.51
3 College of Osteopathic Medicine $25,533.34
4 School of Business Innovation Fund $24,163.58
5 Football $24,124.29
Most Gifts Leaderboard
Which specific area of campus will receive the most gifts to support their bigger goals?
Rank Fund Designation Gifts
1 Ice Hockey 102
2 Liberal Arts (Greatest Needs) 96
3 Women's Swimming & Diving 90
4 School of Pharmacy (Greatest Needs) 82
5 Cross Country & Track & Field 77
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Duquesne University Graduation Year
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2005 36
2 2016 29
3 2007 27
4 2012 27
5 1981 25
6 2020 24
7 2019 24
8 2006 23
9 2018 21
10 2009 20
11 2014 20
12 2008 19
13 2017 19
14 1983 18
15 1973 18
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